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My name is Jordan and I live in Atlanta, GA. I’m 18 and am currently a freshman in college studying Communications. I hope to one day work for a film or television studio, but we’ll see! I love video games, seafood, reading, tennis, and all kinds of music!

I have been studying french for about four years now and I am definitely not fluent in french but I can probably hold a basic conversation pretty well. Basically, I’m looking for someone who can speak the language (native or not) that I can converse with to strengthen my skills or just meet someone new. I can also help you with English if you need it :D

Tumblr: burymeinarmor

Feel free to send me a message if you’re interested :)

Bonjour! Comment ça va? Je m’appelle Sea! :) I’m 16 years old and live in New York City. I am a junior in high school and have been studying French since freshmen year. I’m looking forward to minoring in French once I start college. I love to read, write, and watch TV (way more than I should, unfortunately). I’d love to have a French buddy to write in and develop my language skills with. I have a huge passion for language learning; I’m trying to learn Spanish, Italian, and Russian right now, along with French. I can totally help with English as well as I can, too! We can e-mail, talk over Tumblr, anything. I’d be willing to send letters, but those may take me a bit longer to respond to as I’m very busy. Communicating online is the best option, to be honest.

I hope I haven’t scared anyone away, eeeep. Here’s to making new friends!


Hi everyone !

My name’s Maeve, I’m 16 years old (not so far from my 17 !), and I’m a native french speaker. I live in a small town, somewhere in the North between Lille and Paris. I’ve been studying english for about… 6 years ? But my grandma was british so I’m used to it since a looong time !

I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, I like Doctor Who, Sherlock, and other shows like that. I love reading as well, and I can play the flute, the piano and I recently started the guitar. I like drawing, too. I don’t really know what I can say.. I’m really open-minded, so I can talk about anything you want !

I’d love to talk with an english speaker, and i’d be happy to help you with your french !

Feel free to contact me :3 Merci !


Hi! :D I’m Jenn. I’m 18 years old, and I’m from the USA (more specifically, New Jersey). I’ve been studying French for around 4-5 years now, but I don’t really use it, so I’d like to be able to practice it more. I’d be happy to help you with your English too, if you want. 

Anyways, I really love reading, baking, writing, and history. I also like fashion and makeup, of course haha. 

My tumblr is peachdays

Feel free to send me a message! 


Sarah Butler


Australia (Melbourne)

I am a easygoing Aussie who loves photography, tennis and writing. I am in love with the french language and have now been studying it for 5 years.

At school i love english french and biology and hate maths chemistry and legal studies.

My tumblr is hipster-style.tumblr.com but please do not judge by first appearance as it is my secondary blog (my primary is a little too personal to share right out! ) 

Feel free to ask me and i can send in a pic of me xo

My name is Jenna, and I am 17 years old. I am currently doing French A level in the UK and in my final year. I live in the north of England and live with my mum, dad and cat. 

I enjoy going to the cinema, listening to music, driving and relaxing. I would love someone to practise my French with, and I would love to help someone with their English. 

My tumblr link is http://lima-oscar-victor-echo.tumblr.com/

Merci :) 


Looking for a conversation buddy

Bonjour! My name is Belen, I’m 19 and I go to college in the United States. I’ve been studying French for about 8 years, but I haven’t taken a class for a long time and want to practice and meet new people. I like drawing, foreign languages (also learning Japanese and German), martial arts, and animals! Leave me a message (http://www.iridescentskylines.tumblr.com/ask) if you want to practice French :) 

Looking for a French Skype pal!

Bonjour à tous & à toutes! 

I’m Jamie, I’m 17 and from Wales in the UK. I’ve been studying French for 8 years and am now taking it as an A Level in college (as well as Maths and English). I would love a French/Francophone/fellow French student to talk to on Skype - I’m quite shy but I really need to work on my spoken French! I would also be open to just sending e-mails or letters :) I’m happy, of course, to help others with their English! In March I will be getting a TEFL qualification which will actually qualify me to do just that ;) 

I’m interested in languages (I’m learning Mandarin Chinese as well as French!) and would like to do a Linguistics course at University. In my free time I like to read LOTS, so I’m very enthusiastic about talking about books! I’m a big fan of BBC Sherlock, Adventure Time and the Welcome To Nightvale podcast. I’m a vegan so it would be a massive bonus to meet francophone vegans too, although you definitely don’t need to be one to message me!

You can contact me through my tumblr linguaphilioist.tumblr.com for my Skype or e-mail. :) 

Merci beaucoup!

Hi everybody, 

My name is Léa and I am a french student. I’m 18 and I’m currently studying english in university, in Lyon. I would love to exchange some mails (or some letters why not?) with english native speaker, to improve my english. I will, of course, help with french too. I think it could be a great experience and kind of fun too, huh ? ;)

I love to read, particularly early 20th Amercian Literature. I love to write and I am really passionate about music and especially about english 90’s rock (but not only of course, I have some guilty pleasure too … ahah) I love to watch movies and tv shows like glee, american horror story, girls, big bang theory … 

If someone is interested by this, please leave a message on my tumblr other-minds.tumblr.com 

Bye :) !!


Name/prénom: Jasmine
Age: 22
City/ville: Bordeaux, France

Bonjour tout le monde!

My name is Jasmine. I am American from California and I currently live in  the south of France. I am searching for a penpal to help me better my writing skills and I am also searching for any cool french in BDX;) lets have a beer ou café comme tu veux! I speak fluent English, and Spanish as well :) So if you need help with that, I’d be more than happy to help… avec plaisir! I moved to France last year, and for the moment I am a “live out” au pair and I live with my husband about 10 minutes from the city. I never went to school for french and I have only learned by picking it up on the streets and by locals. That is why my writing skills suck! Hahah I get help from people, but what better than to expand that circle! I can help you as well. I also have years of experience in the medical field and my dream is to finish my nursing career back home (but obviously that is on hold for the moment.) I sing, play guitar, and I love to EAT ;D Si tu habites à coté de Bordeaux, envoie moi un message ! ou si tu as besoin d’aide en anglais ou espagnol, envoie moi un message aussi !


Hey my name is Paola, I’m 17 and I live in the Raleigh, North Carolina in the United States. Im French/Dominican (my parents are from the Dominican Republic while I was born in Saint Maarten) im 6’0 and a junior in highschool.. I like reading, drawing, watching movies and playing video games, I also like skating and drawing and making simple dj mixes lol .. oh and im gay :] here’s my tumblr so you can follow me .. casssperr.tumblr.com


Name/prénom: Alex

Age: 15

City/ville: San Francisco

Hi everyone! I’m looking for a penpal, obviously. My first language is English, but I speak fluent French as well. My interests include history, Latin, mythology, music (any genre), and literature. I would be willing to tutor someone in English as well, if that’s something they need help in. I write (fan fiction mostly, but some poems as well), draw, and act. I’m also a social justice advocate and an intersectional feminist. In terms of communication, I’d like to communicate in any way possible! Letters, email, Skype, whatever. Anything works for me.


Salut! Je cherche un correspondant, évidemment. Ma langue maternelle est anglais, mais je parle aussi français. Mes passe-temps sont l’histoire, la langue latin, la mythologie, le musique (tout les genres), et la littérature. Je serais disposé de faire de tutorat en anglais aussi, si quelque-un a besoin d’aide. J’écris (surtout le fanfic, mais aussi les poémes), je dessine, et je joue. Aussi, je suis une avocate pour la justice sociale et une feministe intersectionnielle. Pour communication, je voudrais communiquer par lettres, courriels, Skype, ça m’est égal. 


Hi! My name is Sabina, I’m 16 and I live in Chicago (US). I’m not very good at French but would love to improve and meet someone new. :) I’m not the most outgoing but I love traveling, sailing, and all types of music. I also bake and watch a lot of TV, although I’m trying to watch less! I’m not very active on my tumblr, but feel free to take a look: keeptheboatflat.tumblr.com

penpal application! :)

Name: CaroAge:17
Country: Costa Rica
 I’m a 17 year old from Costa Rica who’s been learning French for… 5 years now? On and off for the first 2 years in school and then lessons both inside and outside of school. I’m almost done with my formal education but I feel like I can never have enough practice. I’m fluent in both Spanish and English. Here on tumblr my blog is wintertrash.tumblr.com and I blog a lot about anime, movies, and sometimes tv shows. I play the piano and like to travel and read. Thanks!

Bonjour! :) Je cherche une personne française pour m’aider avec mon Français! 

My name is Kasia (kah-sha), and I’m 15 years old. I live in Hong Kong, and am half Polish & half Chinese. English is my first language, but one of my main goals is to be fluent in French before I graduate high school. I’m looking for a native French speaker (optionally: who’s interested in learning English- that way we can help each other) :) 

I love photography, cultures, history, art, literature & stories. Though, I really can talk about almost anything :) 

It would be nice to find a penpal who would correct my French, and tell me about France, and the culture! We could exchange stories about our lives & such :) 

I’d like to start out with emails & Skype, then maybe move onto snail mail because that’s a lot more fun when you anticipate a physical letter & see their handwriting! 

I’m open to anyone! :)