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Asked rebloggable

Asked rebloggable

How does the French feel about long distance relationships? Me and this amazing French guy have been seeing each other and having an awesome time together but he's going back to France for studies in September. I hate long distance relationships but I wouldn't mind it with him, so if most French guys won't do it, I'll just try not to like this guy even more :( aaaah


I can’t tell you exactly because everybody’s different, everybody reacts differently to long distance relationships.
My opinion on long distance relationships is that there are codes you should be aware of before comitting into it :
- Both need to be quite talkative. Talking is all you have in long distance relationships, you’d better date someone who doesn’t mind calling you/being called very often.
- It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality : When you see each other, you have to do really cool stuff together and spend really quality time together to keep the flame burning, you know what I mean.
- Be creative is a very enjoyable point : Being far away doesn’t mean you can’t surprise your partner, especially with internet. Little attentions are a key to me to preserve the affection you guys have for each other
- You also have to be quite independant to deal with the frustration of not having hugs or kisses or even social life together.

Think about all these points first. If you think you both are capable of that, then just directly talk to him about that. Honestly discuss that with him, and you’ll know right away. It’s better to have an honest “no” (so you know you can move on) than a shy “let’s try” and being stuck in a shitty situation!
Courage <3

Faire l’amour n’est pas ne faire qu’un, ni même deux, mais faire cent mille.

Gilles Deleuze

"Making love isn’t being of one mind, not even two, but hundred thousand." 

Le mur des Je t’aime
Square Jean Rictus  
75018 Paris

A wall with 280 I love you’s all written in different languages. Can be seen in a park at Montmartre, métro : Abbesses 

While I doubt I will ever have the pleasure of dating a French man, I do have a general question on dating. Is it true that dating in France is generally done with groups of friends? And that just a few kisses (not even passionate kisses) kind of means you two are in an exclusive serious relationship?

What do you mean exactly by “with groups of friends”? If you’re pointing the fact that French people hang out in bars in groups, that’s true. But when it comes to dating, the couple can go out with friends just like they can go out alone if they feel like sharing a moment just the two of them together… It’s up to them!

And no, few kisses doesn’t mean anything like that. French are quite fluid with their sexuality and lovelife, they can kiss or even have sex without “dating” each other for real. Dating is pretty much a decision both make when they feel they start to have feelings or an attraction strong enough to justify being exclusive to each other.

But I don’t mean that all French are like that. People have different personal stories and a kiss can shape into many forms… a kiss while drunk in a party is completely different than a kiss after longing for each other for a while. The first doesn’t mean anything while the second totally means the beginning of something. That has nothing with being French, it’s just life!

13&#160;: Do you want to marry me? &gt; Veux-tu m&#8217;épouser&#160;? in FrenchVeux-tu me marier is Canadian French.

13 : Do you want to marry me? > Veux-tu m’épouser ? in French
Veux-tu me marier is Canadian French.

Sex(y) vocabulary

Find below a list of romantic/sexy/sexual words, idioms and such.

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What are the French's views on finding love? Do you (the French) believe that everyone has the potential to find a mate or is love only reserved for the few, lucky and beautiful people?


Everybody deserves to love and to be loved back, man… 


Yelle &lt;3


Yelle <3

Ma mie.
"My half."
My love -about women.  
Mains froides, coeur chaud.
"Cold hands, warm heart." 
Meaning the one who has cold hands supposedly has a more passionate heart.