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Why do you want to move to the US? What is it about American culture that you like so much?


Almost everything. It might sound weird to you, but US feels exotic to me :D I always pictured myself ending up in an anglophone country because I was sort of raised in English and it really saddens me not to be surrounded by English speakers anymore. As if a part of me was missing.
Then, why the US and not UK or Ireland? I’m European, I know old continent’s culture and it doesn’t give me the same rush of adrenaline than moving overseas. You know, I don’t have a lot of family, I always played solo so leaving for the other side of the world is absolutely not a problem to me and I would not regret a thing from France (except maybe the food…) And I feel like being French in that country could make me have this little something I don’t have here. Americans aren’t not afraid of success and are more enthuastic than French, that’s really something I’m looking forward to. And as a lesbian, I feel I could live better there, that other lesbians would accept me for who I am. I’m having really hard time with that in France. I really hope I could leave one day, create a family there and raise awesome bilingual lady babies :D And let’s be honest, having an American wife is hot! :p