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How do you translate “Fucking”

Q : How would you arrange a sentence to have the word “fucking” in it? Like “I fucking love you” or “he’s a fucking idiot?” All I really know is “vas te faire foutre.” Thanks!

"Fucking" is an English idiom, there’s no word that works exactly the same. 
The closer we have is “Putain”, but it’s a noun unlike “Fucking”. 

Usually, we put it at the beggining or the end of the sentence (sometimes with an extra “que”), and it conveys the idea you’re looking for. We can also include it in the sentence but only by adding it to a noun with a “de” or “d’ “. 

For example : 

  • He’s a fucking idiot > C’est un putain d’idiot.  
  • She’s a fucking bitch > C’est une putain de pétasse.
  • I don’t fucking care > Putain, j’en ai rien à foutre.
  • I don’t fucking care > Putain que j’en ai rien à foutre.
  • I don’t fucking care > J’en ai rien à foutre, putain.
  • I fucking love you > Putain que je t’aime. 

This one is the closest to your sentence, but for that kind of context, we’d rather use an expression like these below. It’s not very nice to say “Putain que je t’aime” xD 

  • Je t’aime comme un fou/ comme une folle > “I love you like crazy”
  • Je t’aime à en crever > “I love you to death” (This one is my favorite)