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Liberté, Egalité, Croque au Comté
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29 - How is your heart lately?

Uh….En jachère xD 

85 - What was your first kiss like?
Very passionate actually. I was dating this girl “virtually” for about 6 months (we weren’t able to meet before, I was minor and living in Toulouse, she was living near Paris) and she had doubts about us since we couldn’t meet. I still was in the closet but I decided to come out to my aunt (the only person I trusted) and she paid for a  flight to Paris so I could spend ONE day in Paris (So my mom wouldn’t find out I was flying to Paris > we told her we went shopping downtown xD). So I went to spend 7 hours only with her. We just couldn’t kiss each other, we were so fucking shy, we barely could touch each other without crying. When we came back to the airport, we had like 10 minutes left before the last call for my flight. I figured it was now or never and I kissed the shit out of her, right on the parking lot of the airport. The 10 minutes flew faster than I thought it would, and when I reached the main desk, my name was already flashing on and off in red letters on the airport’s screens xD What a day.. 

91 - Your earliest memory?

I remember talking to my parents about my wish to become France’s president, during a day at the beach  haha! 


65. 3 favorite TV shows? (3 FR & 3 US/UK parce que ça pique ma curiosité)

Glee, That 70’s show, The L word / Kaamelott, H, Scènes de Ménage


2 , 21 and 100 ! :)


2 - What if I told you that you were pretty?

Hahah shut up 

21 - Have you kissed three or more people in one night?
I only kissed people I dated and I’m highly monogamous so no xD 

100 - 3 things you’d like to do before you die?
Visit the USA, find my soulmate, carry kids for her. 

Thanks !! 

salut demande 01

Haha !  

  1.  Do you miss anyone? 

Yes, my ex. I miss her like… tons. I’d pretty much give everything I have for her to call me back, which is kinda sad but whatever xDD 

105. Have you ever had sex with somebody you weren’t dating?


Nope. I highly doubt I could do that actually. 

Political rant

Considering the political mess France has been for the past year, I think my political vews drastically changed. I feel like France is upside down, and I truly don’t know who to trust anymore. But in the meantime, lots of politicians got their real face revealed and it also feels like a huge cleaning session has started. The problem is that I sense that the so-called political crisis happening right now is just the beginning of something much worse. Or better, depends on your point of view.
Personally, I used to vote on the right wing, because I believe(d?) keeping a certain tradition would be the key to sail through the financial crisis. But I must admit my party literally disgusted me. It’s disgusting because the UMP was standing only because of one man, that is Sarkozy. Now he’s gone, everything falling apart like dominos. There is not a single man or woman out there that is confident, that has a real political proposition to keep France strong. Not a single one. They keep telling things, tell the contrary two weeks later, blame the Socialists whatever they do. They’re pissed at the Socialists because they say they don’t listen to the French. Said those who let protests and riots happen over and over again and proudly announce that they “won’t listen to the street to maintain our direction”. Lolz. Just… LOLZ. They also blame the Socialists because of the financial crisis. Hollande is in charge for just a little more than a year and they keep teeling he’s responsible for everything that happens. That’s true in some way, but they seem to forget that Hollande is managing with what he inherited last May : a complete mess. Last government tried not to raise the taxes but in the meantime, our deficit was getting more and more abyssal. They let the French believe everything was sort of okay, that they’d manage and the French were quite okay with it. But we don’t create money and everything has a cost. Now, the new government is forced to keep raising the taxes, we literally have no other choice, and the French are mad.
Yesterday, they raise the taxes for the richier families (+6500€ of monthly income) with children who previously had a discount on their taxes. 74% of the French don’t agree with that tax change and pretend that it’s always the same “middle class” people paying for all. Excuse me, but when you get 6500€ per month, you can pay more taxes (68€ more per month). I keep hearing families on the radio or on TV whinning about that tax, with a posh accent or wearing obvious expensive brands. When you can buy yourself a Vuitton bag at 3000€ to 7000€, you can pay 68€ a month. At some point, how the French are supposed to be taken seriously by the government if all the French can do is try to steal the more they can while they obviously don’t need it? I’m not trying to bash rich families at all, I’m just saying that we’re all supposed to make an effort. I lost my financial aid for youth (300€ per month!) because my annual income is 100€ higher than the legal level so I’m considered like making too much money (LOLZ). I make 5 times less money than them and they’re whinning about 68€ ?!!!!!
I’m really starting to lose faith in the French and its government. How a decent government is supposed to do with people whinning for 68 fucking euros when we have a billions debt we all contributed to. So maybe Hollande isn’t the most confident and charismatic man, but at least he’s not lying to the French. I don’t particularly like him but at least his government makes more money than the previous one. The problem is that since the French are pissed that their taxes are being raised, I’m afraid they’ll call back the previous government or worse, they’ll want the extremists. And we’d be in for another vicious circle…

Personally what American social positions are most confusing?


The president swearing on the Bible for the presidential inauguration actually shocks me. To me, governing and Church are two completely different things. Using a specific religion feels quite discriminating to me. If I was a non-Christian American yet believing in another religion, I think I’d feel hurt in my citizenship that my president swears on a religion that is not mine. I’d rather have him swearing on all religions/no religion at all than just one specifically.

Abstinence taught to teens. I think it’s shocking to tell kids/teens that abstinence is the only proper way to deal with their sexuality until marriage. It’s shocking because everybody knows that kids don’t care at all about what is “proper” and what is not. We all had/have feelings, we have attractions, desires and I believe it’s foolish to pretend they don’t exist and consequently refuse sexual education. I prefer when kids/teens know all the possibilities they have about contraception and on a second level, abortions.

What's your favorite French tradition? PS: I really like you, Em! You're doing a great job here on tumblr!


I’m a bit religious so I’d say “crossing the bread”, meaning you make a cross with the tip of your knife on the bread’s back before cutting it. You don’t actually “draw” a cross, it’s just a gesture, you just scrape it to make a scraping sound while crossing. It means you’re blessing the bread so symbolically, you’re asking for Jesus’s forgiveness for “stabbing” him/cutting his flesh (the bread being the symbol of Jesus’s flesh for non-religious followers). You don’t cross when you’re cutting the bread with your bare hands, it’s just when you use an object to do so. I grew up making it naturally because nobody at home questionned religion but it kept doing it as an adult because I think it’s respectful and sweet :)

Another cute one is “Les Catherinettes” http://awesomefrench.tumblr.com/tagged/catherinettes

9, 27, 28, 48, 49, 69, 97, 98 stay fabulous <3


9) Have you ever shoplifted?

Never intentionally! (But I may have forgotten sometimes in my pocket once x))

27) Smoke cigarettes?

I did but I’m not a smoker at all
28) Smoke weed?

Did too but still not a smocker and not fond of drugs in general on myself. But using drugs as a couple doesn’t annoy me at all though!

48) Tattoos OR no tattoos?

Oh gosh yes! If I had the money I would totally be COVERED of ink hahaha I have two, one in my back, one on my arm, and I plan to do one on my shoulder when I have money. 

49) Quiet stay-at-home type OR party type?

More at home

69) Would you get surgery on any part of you? If yes then which part of you?

I actually plan on getting a boob job (to reduce them/give them a new youth, like we say in French haha) but once I get kids only  because you can’t really nurse after a boob job. And I would love to nurse my kids or at least being able to try it and figure if I like doing it or not. 

97) What will you name your son/daughter?
For a girl Valentine, for a boy Maxence, but I also love names that work for both gender like Alex, etc.. I like the idea that the name doesn’t define the gender so… We’ll see :) 

98) Do you get harassed more than most people do?

No, why, should I?! haha


Stay awesome anon <3

Mode un peu curieux ce soir ^^ 19 21 22 31 32 37 75 76 99 100 Merci de ta franchise ^^

19) Annoyed with a friend? 
Not at the moment 

21) Get depressed easily?
Not anymore. I got more involved in religion and got a dog, and the combination is a natural method to avoid depression :) 

22) Get jealous/envious easily?
Jealous, very when I’m in a relationship but I try to keep it for myself. Out of love, no. 

31) Believe in God/Belong to a religion of your own free will?
Yep, catholic. 

32) Avoid people you care about because you feel you will only hurt them?
Not really

37) Feel afraid that you have done wrong and will eventually be punished?
I’m the Queen when it comes to self punishing myself hahaha I remained single like a nun for a couple of years because I thought I didn’t deserve to be loved since I hurt a girl because of very bad reasons. 

75) Tumblr OR Friends?
Tumblr friends are still friends. Socializing, online or irl, is still socializing :)

76) Apple OR PC?
No opinion

99) What band do you hate the most? Define your reason.
Justin Bieber? I mean, he’s such an asshole on his own that you can believe that he counts like a band, right? hahaha His last Anne Frank story pretty much made me vomit. 

100) What makes you a bad person in your mind?
Being quite possessive with my partner but I’m working on it. At least, I try. 

1,2,3,4,5,20 please? ~much love

1) Self harmed?
Oh yeah

2) Got into a real fight?
No; but I once slapped a girl because she said Picasso wasn’t genius at all and didn’t deserve to be famous. You just don’t say this kind of things in front of me. You just don’t. Hahahah 

3) Been too depressed to move out of your bed?
I locked myself in my appartment for a month, maybe 6 weeks, I don’t remember exactly. I didn’t move out of bed, I stopped eating and wasn’t answering on the phone any more. My mom figured what I was doing and forced me to take a plane to go back to the South and literally threw me at my best friend’s vacation home until I got better and started talking again. 

4) Tried to commit suicide?
Twice, I took pills and I tried to jump out a window.  

5) Had to lie to EVERYONE about how you felt?
Yup too. I was bullied in school and NOBODY took me seriously so at some point, I just stopped trying to explain and shut it. Then I tried to jump out the window in front of my family when I ended up emptied from all strength and faith, and FINALLY they thought that *maybe* something was wrong with me. 

20) Are Worried and confused about something important to you?

Not today :)

What is the most important thing for you Em? :)


Well that’s quite a vague question! x) Hm… I’d say that the most important thing for me is to still like myself. As someone said “I fell in love with myself and I’m looking for someone to share it.” That’s my definition of happiness :) 

May I ask why you support gay marriage? Regardless of your sexuality.


I think that homosexuality is just a type of sexuality and the inner concept of sexuality is much more complicated than straight/gay. As far as I know, there are pansexuals, bisexuals, assexuals, but also swingers, people who cheat on their spouse and all kinds of “sexual taste”. Homosexuals are the only ones not being allowed to marry just because of their sexuality and I find that discriminating. 
Also, it’s a big move against patriarchy and for feminism in general. Why from all sexualities, homosexuality is the only one that “appears” to be an issue? That’s because most men (politicians are mostly males, let’s be honest) don’t know how to deal with it, because they can’t have “power” over someone. Gay couples (last time I checked) are composed of two people of the same gender hence their relationship cannot by definition be based on the submission of the woman and the power of the man. Gay men couples annoy them because they can’t deal with the idea that their partner could be their full equal on a sexual level, and they don’t understand lesbian couples because they can’t understand why someone wouldn’t be attracted to their gender. 
Finally, I think gay marriage will help stopping the diabolization of gay people (and all kinds of different people by extension). When you listen to people that don’t understand gay marriage or even the concept of homosexuality, you realize that they just don’t know AT ALL what being gay means. Like, they just don’t. For them, we are people that are ruled by our sexuality on every single level of our personality. They sort of think our sexuality is our main goal in life and our one and only “leisure”/passion. As if I would have pictures of naked women in every single room of my house, as if I’d want to bang every single woman I see in the street, etc. But truly, the only time I think about my sexuality is when I have in my bed the girl I’m attracted to/I’m in love with. Pretty much like everybody else, straight/gay/whatever sexuality they are. I think it will educate people by showing them that gay marriage doesn’t destroy society right because gay people aren’t different at all. They can be religious too, they have jobs too, they pay taxes too, they suffer too, they are happy too, they celebrate Christmas too, they have a family too, they have parents/siblings too. They are like everyone else and I’d like everyone to understand that.

Did you go to university? If so what did you study? :)


I went to a private school, I studied art history, marketing and law.