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Liberté, Egalité, Croque au Comté
Kyna! Hah, did I get you?


Can you say me for the name of my mother? It's Celine. I think it's a french name right?


It is! I answered it an hour ago ;)

My middle name, Edith?

How about a little story about Edith Piaf? 

Piaf wasn’t her real name. “Piaf” means “a little bird, a sparrow” in French slang. Her producer nicknamed her like that after he first saw her singing. She was so very tiny and seemed so weak, yet she sang very loudly. He thought she was singing like a sparrow, a little poor thing whose voice comes tickling your ears :)



Morgane is actually slang to say “to be in love”! 

There’s a song by the singer Renaud, “Morgane de toi” (meaning, “Loving you”). It’s a song about how dearly he loves his daughter. It’s one of the French anthem! Very popular. 

Not Alice or Elizabeth! It's gaelic for Helen. Should've said that in the first place haha

(Sorry, the time I answered another ask, I missed your first…) 

Okay so if we go with Hélène, there’s a song called "Hélène" by Roch Voisine which is like…  the anthem of our childhood xD It’s that kind of stuff we howl singing when drunk xD

Que est la significance de votre nom?


*Quelle est la signification de votre prénom?

My full name is Emmanuelle and it means “God’s daughter”. Actually, the celebration day for Emmanuelle is Christmas day! I always tried to negotiate twice more gifts as a child but it never worked haha… 

I’ve been given this name by my brother who was fond of a singer called Emmanuelle :) 
For the fun part, “Emmanuelle” happens to be a erotic movie saga who was so successful that theaters had to do midnight screenings so everybody could go watch those movies xD

Hmmmm. I'm not sure if your translation works for me, Em! Darragh means oak, you see! :)

I found a website saying that xD At least I tried!

If it means oak, then it probably works like Ashley! There’s no first name, but there are surnames with “oak” in it. Like “Duchesne” or “Duchêne”. Does that work better? 

(No, Em is not stubborn at all when she’s been challenged… )

"Eilidh" means "Alice" or "Elizabeth" originally. <3


Oh okay then! I already answered an Alice I believe :)
I read online that its French translation could possibly be “Hélène” since it has the same meaning. But I didn’t post it because it was too far in my opinion… 


There’s a city, Oullins, that celebrates the iris every year! It’s called La Fête de l’Iris, and they organize art exhibitions, concerts etc… Typically, every city has its own celebration day and the theme is always different :)

How about Eilidh? I'll be impressed if you have one for that! haha.

You got me on that one… 


There’s no translation for that name. Believe it or not, but there’s no Anish in France. Not a single new baby in the whole history of France xD 

You may know this artist Anish Kapoor. Well, Each year there’s an exhibition happening at the Grand Palais (a huge building dedicated to art exhibitions) which is dedicated to giant art pieces. It’s called Monumenta and it’s absolutely fabulous. 

Anish Kapoor created a giant piece last year : Le Levianthan, named about a mythical creature. It was incredible :) 

Someone asked for Stéphanie via Fan mail: 

Stéphanie Fugain, ex wife of Michel Fugain (a very famous singer). They had a daughter called Laurette who died because of leuchemia. Since then, they created a charity and help research. She’s one of our dearest French sweethearts, and her work in this charity is extremely important and very well respected. 

Darragh. Good luck, haha!

The French translation is “Désiré” or “Aimé”. 

Aimé Jacquet was the coach of the French football team, and he actually made them won the World Cup in 1998. 

Désiré, apart from being one of my brother’s name xD, is also a movie directed by Sacha Guitry in 1937. 

Lana :)

I found nothing xD Lana isn’t a popular name here. 
I don’t know if you like her, but I still have a video of Lana Del Rey in “La Boite A Questions” (the questions box). It’s a short interview happening in a TV show called “Le Grand Journal” which is very important here. It’s a little room where people can send starts their questions. Most of the time, stars do crazy stuff there xD 

Anyway, Lana Del Rey’s “Boite à Questions”

Lauren :D

Laurène in French. 

There’s a song about a Laurène by Mademoiselle K., "Laurène l’horizon". It’s about her stylist, Laurène Stein, but in the song it’s mostly about a woman caring for her ;)