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I'm going to France next summer and my mom was looking in tour guides for good restaurants in Paris. What are some of your recommendations? Merci!

Hm, the “problem” is that I never go out to eat French food so most of my favorite adresses are world food…

My fav’s are: 

The Studio (Tex Mex)
41 Rue du Temple - 75004 Paris
It’s in a private courtyard which includes dance studios and a theater. It’s very arty, really lovely. It’s perfect if you want to disconnect yourself after an exhausting day of sightseeing. You can sit at a table outside, under the Parisian night, and enjoy a great guac. You really feel like in another world there, this place is fantastic.

L’Ave Maria (World Food - Indian, African…)
1 Rue Jacquard - 75011 Paris
Tiny restaurant where everything is vintage, you sit on huge tables with other people. It’s very convivial but you might not like it if you’d rather have a private table and white clothes on your table ;) It’s perfect for people who want to socialize, who don’t mind loud world music and are looking for an unusual place.

Blue Elephant (Thai)
43 Rue de la Roquette - 75011 Paris
Incredible food, gorgeous restaurant with an inside fountain. It’s quite expensive but it’s totally worth the quality. Also, they give orchids to every feminine customer ;)

Higuma (Japanese)
163 Rue Saint-Honoré - 75001 Paris
It’s a sort of japanese canteen, they mostly serve ramen. I like it because it’s real Japanese food, it’s fresh and very tasty. Also, you can eat for less than 12€, which is a performance in Paris x) It’s right by the Louvre, it’s the perfect place to go for a lunchbreak for example.

Sesto Senso (Italian)
4 Rue de l’Échiquier - 75010 Paris 
You might get scared when you see how it looks outside (it’s in a very tiny and very popular street and the restaurant barely have windows) but not only the food is INCREDIBLE, but the owners are sweethearts. But you NEED to call before going because they’re often full and closed on weekends.

Le Bar Bat (Corsican)
23 Rue de Lappe - 75011 Paris 
Quite expensive but you can taste there real corsican products, which is quite unusual. The food is very sophisticated. But avoid going there on weekends, it’s crazy crowded. 

Café Jade (French)
10 Rue de Buci - 75006 Paris
Expensive but unusual. It’s a café, so don’t go there by night, you can’t really take your time to enjoy your evening peacefully. It’s ideal for a brunch or a quick lunch. They serve tasty French food. I used to go there on a daily basis, they always have great Plats du jour.

Heureux comme Alexandre (French, fondues only)
24 rue de la parcheminerie - 75005 Paris
Small restaurant where you can enjoy an utterly French fondue with meat with good red wine. They don’t serve desserts though, but the restaurant is in a very lively place, you can totally grab an icecream nearby in another café or such :)