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Salut! You have an amazing blog here - I've learnt so much from your posts, thank you! I have a question about the use of "ça a été." I was in France for a while and I always used to get asked "ça a été?" I got that it meant something like "was that ok?" but I don't really understand how that's grammatically correct. I know you can say things like "ça a été difficile," but could you please explain how "ça a été" works as a question. Thank you so much.


It’s pure slang ! It means “How was it?”.

It isn’t grammatically correct at all. If I analyze it, it goes like that :
Correct sentence > Comment est-ce que ça a été ? 
1st level of slang > Comment ça a été ?
2nd level of slang > Ça a été comment ?** 
3rd level of slang > Ça a été ?**

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Suitable for informal conversation only.