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What are French men like? What do they look for in a partner? What is dating like in France?


Usually, French men are not shy. They like to have fun, and they look for a partner who would like a busy social life too. They know how to be romantic when they want (Come on, we’re talking about French people! ;) ), they know how to make their partner dream, but they are very careful about it, they like to be “safe”. However, they are a little bit stuck about commitment. They settle down quite late, when they’re about 30/35 y.o. Borders between friendship and romance are a little blurry, any occasion is good to flirt.

Here are few asks I already aswered that might fill in: 

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However, I like my answers to be really special, so I texted few straight friends for you about French men, because I don’t play on that team, so I actually don’t really know for sure. And this is what I got : 

"Someone asked me what French men are like, what do they like ?"

- L., living in Paris, formal romantic-freak : “They are just fucking assholes !” (The typical French reaction to that question > Told ya they love playing romance…) 

- E., living in Parisian suburbs and committed to a wonderful French men : “They like women who are chic, who like having fun and cook well. They like smoking hot women in bed, too, very important that one, and jealous women. You can say they like to be dominant and swanky too !”

(Still waiting for some answers, I’ll edit my post when I get them… )