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Liberté, Egalité, Croque au Comté
how do you say "the heart sees farther than the head"?


Not a literal translation but in French, I’d say “le coeur voit plus loin que les yeux”.

I know you've answered questions on dating before, but what are some key signs that a French man might be interested in you? It's completely unintuitive for me as an American living in France! :/ merci d'avance :)


Check my dating tag.

Bonjour Octobre !

cindywonderwoman said:Thanks for your quick answer :) I see what you mean… But YOU are a real artist ! And I’m completely not ! But I’ll try something with food or just suprise her sometimes. I think she’ll like it ;)


Damnit babe, don’t prank me here XD You know you’re the best gift I could ever ask for, I don’t need anything :*

(I should have known though, nobody calls me Emma here.. xD)


Villa Bella, Biarritz.  By Emmanuelle Clouzet. 


Villa Bella, Biarritz.  By Emmanuelle Clouzet

I hope this question does not bug you. When reading about Marseille, I keep coming across its reputation. That it is not safe, that the mob controls parts of it, basically just to stay away. As someone who lives in the same country as Marseille, is there any truth to the reputation?


Well… To understand what happens there, you got to know a few facts: 

  • Marseille’s social background is a bit more “drastic” than anywhere else in the country, meaning the differences between the population are heavier so it creates a sort of peer pressure between the different communities. 
  • It’s mostly due to the fact that the poorer populations live within the city, while they usually live outside of town in most cities in France. The construction of our cities pushed the government to build kind of “ghettos” called HLM, large bars of buildings that contrast a lot with our typical 4 or 5 floors buildings and tiny houses. At first it was supposed to be a sort of temporary help for people immigrating and stuff, but it turned out the populations remained there due to the low rents and a phenomenon of “ghetto” happened. But generally, it’s outside town,and administration very often refuse/don’t make such big effort to “clean” these tiny areas from criminality. Marseille’s problem is that this happens within town, meaning it’s counted in the town’s statistics and at first it shows up like it’s alarmly high. It’s just that the administration can’t “erase” the “ghetto“‘s criminality off their records by relocating it somewhere else. 
  • Marseille does have a mob problem which creates a “romantic” image media like to share and/or promote to describe the city

Now, is Marseille as if Loki had decided to take control of the city to kill everyone? 

No. Because : 

  • Just because peer pressure exists, it doesn’t necessarily push people to commit crimes. It just pushes them to be/feel more discriminated and less supported. 
  • It depends where you are in the city, in these “ghettos” or the great part of the city. But even though this ghetto system is quite unusual in Marseille, any town everywhere also has some tough neighborhoods as well. If the nature of the neighborhood is different (HLM versus simply less priviledged area), the finality is rather the same: poor structures, less richness > that leads to criminality in almost the same rates anywhere in the country. 
  • The mob rarely interferes with the city’s life as they have no interest in it. What they want is horse tons of money, weapons, buildings and they’re interested in taking their game on an international level. Don’t want any trouble with the mob? Don’t take part in it XD But no, they won’t bomb your apartment. 
  • Marseille is incredibly rich on an art level, it actually has been nominated a few years ago to the year’s cultural capital of Europe, and it had been a major success, people coming to visit the city from all over Europe and the city has been acclaimed internationally for the diversity and richness of their projects and how they handled their nomination. 
  • Marseille has an INCREDIBLE church called la Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde which is a real jewel of architecture and just for that, it’s worth the trip. 
Hey Emma ! Just need a love advice for my girlfriend. What would be the perfect gift for you to make your heart melt like a chamallow ? Your blog is so great. Love it ! Thank you :)


Something you made yourself with all your love for her. I won my girlfriend’s heart by making her a handmade box with a Wonder Woman painted on it (cuz she digs that ovbs). Find something she likes and be a little creative. Sometimes, a very simple cotton bracelet means so much more than an expensive gift :) 

My dreams feat. kamoulox.

My dreams feat. kamoulox.

is it correct to say 'les feuilles se tombent'? merci d'avance!

Les feuilles tombent. Tomber cannot be a reflexive verb. You can’t “fall yourself” but you can “detach yourself” : les feuilles se détachent.

You're dating wonderwoman!?!?! I thought you were dating Black Widow!?!


I AM Black Widow, got the ginger hair already :p

Hi there! Does "des avantages" sound like "désavantages"?


Sound just the same, yeah.

Hey! Juste pour avoir la confirmation qu'un "white lie" est un mensonge utilisé pour cacher une vérité pas très agréable à dire. Merci :) Ton blog me fait mourir de rire, et j'apprends beaucoup plus qu'avec mon incompétente de prof d'anglais que j'ai envie de massacrer à coup de Harrap's ;)

Un white lie, c’est un petit mensonge “à bon escient”. Je n’ai pas trop d’exemple en tête, mais par exemple, imagine que tu es gay et dans le placard. A la question “Est-ce que tu as quelqu’un en ce moment ?”, le gay dans le placard répond “Non personne !” pour ne pas avoir à dire qu’il sort avec un autre homme, et donc pour ne pas avoir à faire son coming-out. C’est un mensonge sans conséquence, pour “enjoliver” ou dissimuler la réalité des choses. 

So I stumbled across this description of a mountain in a video game I'm playing: "Quand la neige recouvre le mont __, le paysage est juste a tomber!" What exactly does "etre juste a tomber" mean? Something like, "to die for" in English, maybe? Merci d'avance!


It’s exactly what it means ! In French, it’s “to fall for” = to die for.

Je suis même sûre que tu te fais du fric sur le dos des gens parce que je ne pense pas qu'il y ait une personne en France qui accepterait de payer 10€ pour 500 mots à moins que ceux-ci ne soit corrigés par Louis-Nicolas Bescherelle lui-même depuis sa tombe.


T’as raison, c’est hyper cher payé 10€ (10€ = un café + donut chez Starbucks hein, tellement hors budget et inaccessible !) pour ton texte corrigé, tes erreurs expliquées et pretty much un cours de grammaire entier basé sur tes erreurs. (Une heure de cours privé, ça coûte 30/40€ chouchou… Alors 10€ de l’heure - ce que me prend 500 mot - merde, c’est un smic !) 

Tu peux go on hating, moi contrairement à toi j’ai ma conscience tranquille et je n’ai pas besoin d’envoyer des messages anonymes pour m’exciter la chatte et me donner un semblant d’importance. Bisou chouchou.