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Liberté, Egalité, Croque au Comté
Hey ! Je viens de voir "Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu ?". Le film est excellent. Tous les personnages sont racistes à leur manière, et le film montre bien le ridicule de la chose. En plus on se marre du début à la fin. Et ça se finit bien ;)


Salut, Em! J'ai entendu le JT depuis le salon parler, entre autres, de "Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au bon Dieu?" et je voulais avoir ton avis sur ce film. J'ai vu les affiches de ce film dans les gares, au mk2 bibliothèque et la seule chose que j'en ai tirée c'est que ce film a l'air super raciste. Du titre, jusqu'au concept, jusqu'aux affiches du film.

Je n’ai pas vu le film donc dur pour moi de donner un avis tranché. La bande-annonce, les affiches, le pitch, c’est du marketing. Que tu trouves ça raciste pour un film qui parle de racisme signifie simplement que le marketing du film est extrêmement bon. Le message passe clairement: tu vas aller voir les tribulations d’un couple de racistes, de leur point de vue, donc l’aspect général sera emprunt de racisme.
Je ne pense pas que parler de racisme dans son “aspect” comique soit une mauvaise chose. La comédie peut aider à faire passer des messages, message qui est surement le dénouement du film. D’autant plus que ça part d’une situation très réelle, très actuelle. Je pense que je vais aller le voir ! 

I'm going to spend the summer in the South of France this year, so between 1-2 months of French immersion. I'm at about a B2 level I guess, but I want to improve to the point of fluency. Do you have any tips of how I can get the most out of my trip? What should I do to improve my French as much as possible? (Perhaps to the point of fluency?)


Full immersion, think French, eat French, breathe French, go out a lot, avoid as much as possible using your birth tongue. In two months, I think you can get pretty decent but don’t put too much pressure on your shoulders with a too heavy goal. French language, just like any other language, is not about time, it’s about quality and personal abilities. Some people will need 10 years to reach fluency, other 10 months. It doesn’t mean you suck, it means you have another tempo. So if you don’t end up fluent at the end of the 2 months, don’t be too sad about it. French is a very complex language, it needs time. 

i just started learning french a few months ago and i know it'll take a few years to get even close to being fluent. but wow it is not an easy language to learn but im committed. i'll be moving to france soon too so that would help yeah. do u have any tips? it feels impossible at this stage but i'll keep trying


Check my “summer strategy” tag, dozen tips there. 

Question! How do a lot for French feel about guns? Like concealed to carry licenses and/or being able to own a gun? How do you feel about the subject?


Check my tag “gun control”. I did a thing like 10 days ago. 

in my listening exam, there were two people talking about being single or having a partner and which was better. they were talking about how its difficult for single people to buy small portion food at the supermarket and one said c'est quoi que les célibataires peuvent acheter au supermarché? and the other said "Ben & Jerry's" and that was the end of the conversation.


That’s a weird and grammatically wrong conversation for a listening test xD 

How do I get in touch with the person who asked about Aix en Provence? I live here and I'd be delighted to answer any questions! Sorry I'm not familiar with how tumblr works :/ Loooooooove your blog BTW

I’ll publish your ask and hopefully they’ll contact you directly. 

Why isn't there a word in French meaning 'hopefully'? I find that I have to just write 'j'espère' or 'on espère' and it just doesn't seem to give the same kind of meaning as 'hopefully' rather than 'I hope' if you get what I mean?


Yeah I understand but you’re wrong, “j’espère” conveys the same intensity, it’s really the right translation. You know, it’s better to translate with an idiom than the exact translation sometimes. Each word evolves in different ways in different cultures, just because they look alike doesn’t mean they convey the same idea. 

Bonjour! I'm going to Aix-en-Provence in August for my cousin Mathieu's wedding and for a week's holiday after that. Could anyone suggest any good places to go and visit or things to do in the area? We're hiring a car so we'll be able to travel but none of us know anything about this part of France! Merci beaucoup! :)

You should ask french-problems :) 

If an American wanted to go to college in dance, would they have to pass the BAC to apply?

I think so? Or at least have a degree more or less of the same level… 

j'ai besoin de passer un examen oral de la semaine prochaine, et j'ai choisi la musique pour mon sujet. il faut recherche la musique français (oui, très générale), et j'ai trouvé des choses comme 'nouvelle chanson', et john hallyday, et bien sûr le succès récent de Daft Punk, mais est-ce que vous savez des autres choses que je pourrais dire? merci beaucoup, et j'espère que mon français est bien!

Regarde mon tag “music” :) Tu as plein de chansons là et de chanteurs différents. 

Pourquoi est-ce que les gens disent "c'est moi" quand on leur dit merci? Merci d'avance!! <3


C’est une autre façon de dire “je t’en prie”, “de rien”… (“you’re welcome”). 

Le Sud de la France pendant l’été.


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Qu'est-ce que Ça veux dire "Je ne suis capable de fantaisie que dans l’ordre" en anglais? Je suis un debutant. :(


I can only be imaginative when [my life is] in order. 

I just wanted to say thank you so so much for that detailed answer on the oral topics. Honestly that is exactly what I need! I may go for the culture one but I think I'll research all 3 to see how much information there is available for each, they're all interesting. I've been researching/thinking the past 4 weeks and you have just saved me so much stress. Merci beaucoup, vous êtes très gentille! :)

You’re welcome :)