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Liberté, Egalité, Croque au Comté
you can get that deal in the uK and Ireland too.


Europe at its finest. We should be proud of our awesomeness. 

In France, you can get unlimited cards at cinemas: you pay 20€ per month and then you can pretty much go and see every damn movie. Several times. 

I’m just gonna leave it here. 


Je suis cassé(e)
"I’m broken"
I’m very tired. 
qu'est ce-que tu penses du stereotype de le grossier des Français


Je pense que les gens qui accusent les français d’être grossier ne se rendent pas compte que : 

1 -  Il y a une véritable invasion de touristes qui encombrent régulièrement nos habitudes de locaux. 
2 - Les touristes respectent rarement les us et coutumes du pays, ils refusent de penser/ne pensent pas que s’adapter à la culture du pays qu’ils visitent est une chose logique. 
3 - Ils prennent régulièrement les français pour des profs personnels de français / du petit personnel là pour se plier à leurs moindres demandes, ce qui est particulièrement énervant. 

La vérité, c’est que les français sont très gentils et accueillants, à condition qu’on les respecte. CQFD. 

Salut Em :) je viens de lire cette phrase : "toutes les couleurs disparaissent dans la nuit, et le désespoir ne tient pas de journal". Je comprends le sens général mais je n'arrive pas à trouver une traduction ni même un synonyme pour "ne tenir pas de journal". Est-ce que tu peux m'aider? Merci.

All colours disappear in the night, and despair doesn’t keep a diary. 

ça ressemble à quoi Chatelet aha ? ça m'intrigue, je devrais essayer la prochaine fois que je vais à Paris (oui, je suis un peu maso)... (et j'ai surtout du temps à perdre on dirait)

Why do you think all of Europe hates France? Irish people have no problems with you!


I don’t know, ask them xD 

Will you ever do another meet-up


Don’t think so. 

Do you ever feel like trying to change at Châtelet Les Halles is like being stuck in a game of human pinball?


Actually, I had sort of a panic attack the first time ever I went to Chatelêt. I avoid this station as much as possible xD 

Yes, that one! Thanks Em!


You’re welcome ! :)

Do you know anything about the city of Grenoble? I might spend my summer there working as an au pair for a family and don't know anything about it. I don't know if it's lively, if there's nightlife, etc. etc.



Anon said :To the anon going to Grenoble : I live close from there and I’ve been there quite a lot. It’s a very young town, there are many students so yes it lives at night and there are many cool places to hang out. It’s definitely not the prettiest city in the world and it’s either super cold in winter or super hot in summer bc there’s no air 8D I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go there but quite frankly, it is not that bad.

Robedepourpre said : I’ve lived in Grenoble for three years, being a student there. The center of the city (around the train station and place grenette) is pretty nice and lively, quite a lot of bars and restaurants to go to. There’s a big park in the center of the town that is quite nice too, and you can go to the Bastille (the ruins of a castle above the town) : the walk is nice, the view up there too. 

However, I don’t know quite well the rest of the city so it depends where you’ll live exactly. Also, most of the nighttime life is due to the many students living in Grenoble, and they’re not usually around in the summer. I suppose it must be less fun during those months.
Anyway you can ask me anything and I’ll try to answer the best way I can.

Hi, would you or any of your followers happen to know about the book "hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" in french? My friend's been trying to find it to practice he cant find it anywhere. So a download would be preferred but if you can tell me the translated title thatd be a good start! Thank you!!


http://www.amazon.fr/Le-Guide-voyageur-galactique-H2G2/dp/2070319016 That one? 

My name's Beth and I'm moving to France next year and I've realised it's going to be near impossible for people to say my name properly (without it sounding like bête!). Do you know any nicknames for Beth/how to get past this issue?


I’m pretty sure you can expect to be called “Bess” so you could use it directly as a nickname? I doubt most people will correctly pronounce it. We’re terrible at pronunciation.. 

hello! i was wondering how one would say "i used to leave the bed unmade, simply because of how wonderful it looked" in french? i heard this lyric somewhere but I get confused trying to translate "i used to".


"I used to leave the bed unmade" = je laissais le lit pas fait but that sounds weak to me. I’d rather turn it into "Je ne refaisais pas le lit simplement parce qu’il semblait merveilleux comme ça." 


Hipster French version of “omg”.